Collect Research Books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park All Locations - Fortnite

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Collect Research Books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park All Locations - Fortnite

For one of the Week 8 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 6 you need to "Collect Research Books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park".

There are a total of 8 Research Books that you need to collect to complete this challenge, there are only 8 Research Books around the map and you need to collect them all in both Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park. The Research Books are on the floor, so simply walk up to them and then interact with to collect them.


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  • ok you have helped me since i started the game and just now do i see how much uh nevermind heres a sub and ill use your code

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  • How do you complete your missions? In creative mode?

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  • Why am I on the final one in the video but it says I’m 6/8

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  • So do these disappear when other players pick them up or what?

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    • @Nik Rowell it also happened to me. it must be a bug.

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    • @ً weird. Granted i got them all now, i ran around a couple times and werent there. Almost felt like a "Chance spawn"

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    • They don’t

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  • How am I missing just one but can’t find it smh

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  • what do i do when one of the books are glitches

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    • @Drake Vaughn yes but he says he does a challenge in 1 min but other people take like 20 mins to show a damn challenge just to see ti the end

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  • 0:01 Holly Hedges 1:29 Pleasant Park

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  • I got 7/8 I missing one more book and I can’t find the damn last book someone help?

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    • @Jay Dee where is it

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    • If not I’m happy to help by being friends on fortnite

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    • @JR3_ Jiran you know the location where he meant to be at but there another huge hut next to the zip line try checking that area ?

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    • @Jay Dee how

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    • @JR3_ Jiran yes I did I finally did yes

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  • I like how he doesn't speak or promote, just gets to the point.

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  • Okay but that was 6 not 8?

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  • What game mode is this?

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  • The fact that he doesn't speak and gets straight to the point is so cool

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    • @Mabel’s Life 8 i think?

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  • i think mines glitched i got 5 and went to pleasant and collects all 3 but it only says 7/8

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  • 1 book doesn't appear 5 times i try... in Holly Hedges yellow house

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    • For me they all spawned directly where he showed

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    • I can’t find the book at pleasant 🥲

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    • @Ahaan Bhave facts its so stupid

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  • I love that he dosnt ramble about subscribing and showing his INTIRE game for 10 min

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    • Tabor isn’t a bad youtuber he just isn’t good for challenges

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    • @Luke Christensen yess he stretches each one of his vid to 10 mins

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    • @Mason 4Life he's a pretty bad youtuber. He makes really clickbaity thumbnails and sometimes stretches his video to 10 whole fucking minutes.

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    • @Mason 4Life ya he shows his INTIRE game he could have just showed where they are but no he makes us watch a whole long video at least for challenge vids

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    • @Luke Christensen Tabor Hill?

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