Destroy Spooky TV Sets All Locations - Fortnite

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Destroy Spooky TV Sets All Locations - Fortnite

For one of the Foreshadowing challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 6 you need to "Destroy Spooky TV Sets".

There are five Spooky TV Sets around the map that you need to destroy in order to complete this challenge, and they are rather well hidden. To destroy the Spooky TV Sets, you need to simple just interact with them when you find one. This video will show you all the locations of the Spooky TV Sets in an easy to follow order so that you can do it as quickly as possible. Destroying all the Spooky TV Sets will reward you with 24,000 XP.

Spooky TV Sets Timeline:

[ 0:00 ] #1
[ 0:21 ] #2
[ 0:44 ] #3
[ 1:08 ] #4
[ 1:28 ] #5


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