How to Unlock Predator (All Predator Challenges) - Fortnite

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How to Unlock Predator (All Predator Challenges) - Fortnite
There are a total of nine Jungle Hunter challenges to complete to unlock Predator and items to go with him. This guide will show you how to complete all nine of those challenges.
Each one is fairly simple to do, however if you just want the predator skin all you need to complete is the "Defeat Predator" challenge, you do not need to complete all of them to unlock the secret skin. Other rewards are the back bling for Predator, as well as his pickaxe and unique emote.
[0:00] Find mysterious pod
[0:49] Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy
[1:48] Collect 3 Medkits
[1:58] Collect Legendary weapon or Rarer
[2:11] Defeat Predator
[4:19] Complete a Bounty As Predator
[4:41] Visit Predator's apartment in Hunter's Haven as Predator
[5:18] Spend 30s within 10m of a player as Predator
[5:31] Deal damage while thermal is active as Predator

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  • [0:00] Find Mysterious Pod [0:49] Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy [1:48] Collect 3 Medkits [1:58] Collect Legendary weapons or Rarer [2:11] Defeat Predator [4:19] Complete a Bounty As Predator [4:41] Visit Predator's apartment in Hunter's Haven as Predator [5:18] Spend 30s within 10m of a player as Predator [5:31] Deal damage while thermal is active as Predator

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    • @DarkSeeker117 No 😔 i wish I can help!

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    • @Bams Corner damn I’m still new to this game do they bring back character events?

      DarkSeeker117DarkSeeker11711 päivää sitten
    • @DarkSeeker117 sadly no 😔

      Bams CornerBams Corner11 päivää sitten
    • Can he still be unlocked?

      DarkSeeker117DarkSeeker11712 päivää sitten
    • Oooooooooooooool

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  • Can you still get the predator skin in season six? I don’t own the battle pass for season six and I didn’t buy it for season five either. Trying to help my step son so any info is appreciated

    Ramiro BenitezRamiro Benitez13 päivää sitten
  • You save people’s time by not wasting time

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  • I killed him then died, but I didn't get the skin, why?

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  • can u do this in battle lab

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  • thank you bro me and my friend have now this caracter

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  • I just did that and didn't die in solo! Thanks for the tutorial mate! Liked and subbed!

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  • He’s trying to get thermal fish vendetta flopper chilling in his inventory

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  • when he kills predator how is there only 1 person in his lobby?

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  • He is around the middle of stealth stronghold

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  • Thank you and have a good day

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  • ok thats it im subbing keep the content this good.

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  • 5:35 There is 3 ways to complete this challenge 1-Thermal Fish 2-Deafeat Mando and with his sniper rifle 3-Mr Pancake solds a rewolwer with scope with thermal vision

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  • Can we just kill preditor first and get the skin be fore doing the challenges

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  • Thanks

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  • Finally a silent and direct person

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  • You only need to tag him and wait for him to die and you'll get him

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  • dude where the fuck are my challenges!?!?!?!?!?!

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  • Do u need to get to battle pass lvl 100 to unlock the challenges?

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  • Y TF does he not have a mil yet

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  • Lukemelo80 epic name love the video. Big up yourself bro your doing it 💯

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  • What I love about this FIbothr is that he don’t have no long intro and begs for people to like and subscribe He just gets to the point and I don’t need to keep skipping to a part of the video where it starts reviewing

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  • Creator code we can't we can't make a

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  • Thanks mate this helped a lot

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  • I can't believe they added predator a character from a movie that's all about violence and Gore and they added Him into a kids game

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  • I did all the challenges and I still haven’t got him

    KodyKody2 kuukautta sitten
    • you need the battlepass son

      Sauced upSauced up2 kuukautta sitten
  • If i killed the predator without owning the battle pass, can I unlock him after buying the BP?? Or do I need to kill him again??

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  • thx bro

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  • Why Footnote jut go back to Trophy Hunting.

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  • Can you defeat the predator in battle lab/ playgrounds

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  • Maybe it’s just me but why did they give JH booty shorts?

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  • Woah you got the vendetta flopper while fishing, nice

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  • amazing thamk you so much, other youtubers arnt this good, woeds could not describe how happy i am

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  • can you still get the skin if you dont have the battle pass?

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  • If you guys are having trouble getting the skin, run squads with randoms . You’ll get the skin guaranteed like I did. If it goes well that is

    Braden220Braden2202 kuukautta sitten
  • Thank you ❤️

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  • Does it have to be in order?

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  • How do you get into a game whereyou are the only player

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  • If your having trouble defeating predator. You dont have to defeat him entirely. You can just tag him at least once and stay alive and let some other player eliminate him and it will count. Found this out on sypherpk video on his More SypherPK channel

    FreakishTech23FreakishTech232 kuukautta sitten
  • Bruh u so lucky for killing predator he glitch out if I try kill it 1k time

  • ok

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  • Defeat predator is easy but wolverine is harder

    Kenzie The BabritttKenzie The Babrittt2 kuukautta sitten
  • My weird experience I landed in a few areas around the Stronghold, looted up, got full shield, killed nearby players and got some mats, and I went after him. He removed all of my shields and I was low, while I healed behind a tree he was stuck under that bridge so I sprayed him and threw grenades.. and killed him

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  • broo hary i remember when u used to make those challenge vids in season 4.the nostalgia bro istg

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  • What a huge difference it makes trying to complete the challenge the 2nd (or later) night. Literally got melted like 50 times the first night.

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  • U good

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  • He did not show up durr burger

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  • Dude fr like beef boss isn't were he supposed to be like wtf I've join like 4 diff servers and no he not there

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  • The only reason i dont want this Cool skin its only cuz predator hates guns and im not saying that cuz it destroys the look the only reason is.... When have we even seen predator use some kind of human weapon sure he used a spear but Thats his own made so i still say the spear is iconic

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  • Thanks bro

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  • Do we have to do all of them to get predator

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  • Thaks for vis video

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  • Harry you’re a wizard sometimes even a god damn 2000000000 iq human

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  • Do you need the battle pass to do these quests?

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  • Weirdly enough it was very easy for me to do these challenges the first time I went to kill predator I got a purple submachine gun killed him and got a victory royale.the second game I landed at hunters haven had some trouble finding the house I found it eventually. got a pro fishing rod got a thermal fish the FIRST time fishing went to the butter barn killed a someone while thermal then did a bounty doing this all with predator completed all the challenges

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  • Eliminate Darkknights I see why we got no more batman movies

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  • We need agent 47

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  • You don’t have to use the fish you can just use the nighthawk pistol instead :) your welcome

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  • I have a theory what if the city hunter going to be a style for the Predator

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  • Cant believe i’m watching this guy for fortnite used to watch him for dark souls lmao

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  • You the best bro, my ultimate fortnite guide.

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  • Fun fact: Predators pickaxe is the first legendary pickaxe in the game

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    • @Exotickidd 101 yes it is

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    • FR!?

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  • *Anytime* 💀

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  • what gamemode were you in for defeat predator?

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  • AS LONG AS YOU HIT HIM A COUPLE TIMES AND THEN RUN AWAY SO YOU SURVIVE AMD SOMEONE ELSE KILLS HIM YOU STILL GET THE CREDIT! You don’t have to kill him just hit him and live and you’ll be fine if someone else kills him

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  • how do you get solo sessions??

    mrsirlance gamingmrsirlance gaming2 kuukautta sitten
  • how are you in a solo session

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  • If The Thermal Vision Made the Predator see the Blue background and people glew red Like Thermal vision used to look like or how the Trailer showed I would have been hyped.

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  • Do you need the battlepass

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  • I’m having trouble

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  • You know this would be easy if I could not get locked into point-blank blank shotgun fights with PC players who seem to have wrist movements faster than the speed of sound

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  • Thank you.

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  • How this man did these challenges without 5,798 people at each location is beyond my understanding

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  • Gotta love this guy!!! Straight up challenges and no BS

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  • this was a huge pain in da ass but thanks to @HarryNinetyFour i got it done fast!!

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  • You also "defeat predator* when you eliminate the player who eliminated the predator and pick up the mythic weapon. That's how I unlocked predator. You're welcome 💖

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    • can you still get the skin even tho you dont got the battle pas?

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    • Thx

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  • Ah yes adding a murderous horror movie creature to a so called "children's game."

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    • Some kid out there has got the bulit in dance and has been scared for life like jesus crist why would they include a dance like that the predoter stretched mouth is scary enough but putting it in a children's game?

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  • The map when he zooms in reminds me of gta 5...

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  • Me and my friends got extremely lucky and killed him on our first attempt :)

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  • Ty this helps a lot

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  • Do you need the season five battle pass to do the challenges?

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    • I got a question too. Do you need to reach level 100 to be able to unlock predator? Also, is it possible to get to level 100 if you're level 27 at the moment?

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    • Yes its available for battle pass owners

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  • this only works if u have battle pass

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  • Thank you this helped me out a lot

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    • Streamers and stuff get solo public lobby’s

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  • People stand around dressed like him at the stronghold is enough to make you think it's him, it's annoying.

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  • Bro why is this better than hunting grounds

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  • Impossible to kill him bc of all the dumbass kids that land there

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    • Amen to that thank you so much for the upload you don't know how helpful it really was there was one item I didn't have and had no idea ear all had to do is speak to 3-m PCs thank you

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    • Thx so much

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  • I can’t kill Predator

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  • Predator is hard

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  • Do you have to have the battle pass to get the skin or no

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