Interact with Bunker Jonesy's Conspiracy Board Location - Fortnite

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Interact with Bunker Jonesy's Conspiracy Board Location - Fortnite

For one of the Week 1 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 7 you need to "Place Rubber Ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Believer Beach.

You can find Bunker Jonesy's Conspiracy Board south of Misty Meadows, inside a wooden house. In this house you can find the Bunker Jonesy NPC as well as the Conspiracy Board that you need to interact with to complete the challenge.


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  • It doesnt allow me to interract with the board or the grafitti one... what am i missing?

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  • Where is Jonesys bunker in pleasant park

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  • Can Somebody Explain To Me Why I Cant Do This Challenge

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