Investigate Downed Black Helicopter Location - Fortnite

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Investigate Downed Black Helicopter Location - Fortnite

For the first part of the Foreshadowing Quest Line in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2, you need to "Investigate the Downed Black Helicopter".

You can find this helicopter just east of Lazy Lake. The solution to the Downed Black Helicopter is to tune the frequency on it, keep pressing the plus button until the dialogue doesnt change, then go back one with the minus to tune it. This will complete the challenge for investigating the downed black helicopter in Fortnite.


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  • When you tune it, I think you need to get it to "*hiss* truck inbound, OPSEC level 3 *hiss*" then just press the minus button and it'll tune.

    HarryNinetyFourHarryNinetyFour29 päivää sitten
    • @Dravens_Cursed already did it

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    • @True Noob Gaming team rumble?

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    • @ً for me it’s square bc I didn’t change my binds

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    • yup, it worked first try lmao

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  • Thats a huey not a blackhawk

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  • Tip: just tune up then tune down

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    • I tuned once and it worked

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  • What is This helicopter doing here? What does it mean? What's with the telescopes? What's happening with the cuddle team leader? What about The Imagened Order?

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    • India oscar

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    • Its from IO guards

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    • @Paul's Parlour yeah its very strange since the challenge mentioned a cornfield

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    • It’s nowhere near the cornfield. Which makes it weird they chose the Farmer to tell us about it

      Paul's ParlourPaul's Parlour29 päivää sitten
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  • BRUH YOU ARE SO FAST This quest is bugged. If someone pushes you out of the way while you're tuning the radio, you can no longer interact with the helicopter.

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