Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Location - Fortnite

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Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Location - Fortnite
For one of the Week 13 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 5 you need to 'Scan a Server at a Surface Hub'
To Complete this challenge go to Stealthy Stronghold and enter the Ruins, go down the stairs there will be a door at the bottom, go through the door and in the room there will be a Server.
Interact with the Server to complete this Challenge.

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    • You have to use the predator skin, go to stealthy stronghold, kill the predator and take the thermal "glove" when he drops it. Then use it when you're fighting someone else. But you can only melee, if you switch from thermal to a weapon it shuts it off. It was easy in battle royal when the challenge first came up, team mates could help. Now hardly anyone will be doing that challenge. Maybe try to get some friends in a squad to help now?

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  • They don't always work for scanning. I've tried twice now and each time it won't allow the interaction. Is there really only one location that scans or is it luck of the draw as to if it will work or not?

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    • @Kayla McFarland Yep, I ended up going to Hunter's Haven. Twice in a row the colosseum was a bust - they were there, just couldn't interact. The first try at Hunter's Haven worked like a charm. Great last name by the way. :)

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    • There are multiple but he only shows that one. There is one in hunter havens and at the back on colossal coliseum! I’m just assuming that that’s the only one he found

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