Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy All Locations - Fortnite

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Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy All Locations - Fortnite
For one of the Jungle Hunter Quests to unlock the Predator Skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, you need to "Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy".
You can find all these characters around Stealthy Stronghold, they may not appear in every game, so if Beef Boss, Dummy or Remedy aren't in the spots shown in this video, just go into a new game. Speak to all 3 to complete the challenge.
[0:00] Beef Boss
[0:18] Dummy
[0:39] Remedy

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    • can you make a video about those weird noices over at stealthy stronghold.... i can almost hear a "Can you hear me" in one of them! Could this be the seven trying to speak to us?

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    • Your an angel sent from heaven to help me with my challenges ;)

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  • I did not find beef boss

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  • i found only dummy in one match xD

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  • I kind of accidentally shot beef boss 😅😅😅

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  • hey, Harry, just want to show som luv n my appreciation, brother! THANK YOU and keep it up! Always my NUMBER ONE source if i need to find something. I will legit, even scroll down a little if ur video is not first. good job, good luck n PLEASE, keep it coming! also, level 185.. add me? its Huesote8 be looking forward to a cpl duos bro. n, btw, im an adult lol. so i wont like annoy or anything lmao.

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  • I found dummy by the rocks by beef boss bus

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  • remedy is so difficult tho Ive been in five matches just trying to find her

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    • You can find her easier in craggy

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  • I plan going to same spot every game to find dummy and he’s not there

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  • Bro remedy hasn’t spawned for me THREE times

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  • Am I the only one who spoke with them but its saying I didnt?

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    • Im 2 weeks late but same i just wana complete my challenge

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  • I went into 5 new games and remedy isn’t there

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  • All I need is dummy and he is never there

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  • I can’t find Dummy for some reason I go in Duos and he isn’t there... When I go near Dirty, Dummy is at Pleasant But when I go to pleasant he’s near dirty

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  • Remedy isn't supposed to talk! None of them are. Wtf Epic..

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  • do you gat a back bling

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  • Bro remedy never in there

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  • This beef boss idiot is never around.

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  • I’ve seen the movie so I’m so excited to do these challenges

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  • I went to find remedy and she wasn't there 6 times

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  • What are you supposed to do if you keep going there and remedy isn’t there?

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  • Ok

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  • has he moved? can't find him here, 3rd game now dropping straight here and nobody is there.

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  • I just realized if some don’t spawn at that location it’s because they’re Spawned at their other one if they have one. Sooo you don’t have to leave the match you just have to go to their other location

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  • Just so you know The durr burger dude can also spawn at The durr burger restaurant at weeping Woods.

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  • When I did this challenge, all three were there and it was super easy.

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  • Mine us glitched it wont let me talk it only said i did one

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  • Dummy is also in a junk yard near dirty

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  • Tell me why I cant find beef boss any game.. literally

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  • Why not mention remedy spawns in craggy as are making too many mistakes ...I'm out.

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  • I did it all in one game

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  • Remedy won't count for me, found her 3 different matches and spoke to her in all of them

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  • Thank you for telling me this

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  • i found dummy when i was trying to talk to beef boss lol

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    • same

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  • Remedy is also at Craggy Cliffs

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  • Dummy hasn't spawned 4 me in the last 7 games

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  • Thank you I been subscribe to you but I'll like it!

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  • Burger boss is never therr

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  • Thank you so much I was really having trouble thanks again

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  • I’ve literally done about 10 matches and beef boss and dummy aren’t there

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    • I found dummy but now beef boss.

      Nice_XoXNice_XoX18 päivää sitten
    • Beef boss ain’t there for me

      Spider JSpider JUukausi sitten
    • @Rancord123 beef boss spawns also at his resturant near slurpy swamps

      eyeseyesUukausi sitten
    • Same just for beef boss

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    • Me too

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  • I’ve been to the spot where beef boss is supposed to be about 10’times in a row and he hasn’t been there once. Is this bad RNG or did he move?

    Skibbity BopSkibbity BopUukausi sitten
    • Try the actual durr burger restaurant I found him there first try

      Aaron CurrieAaron CurrieUukausi sitten
    • O

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  • Remedy is never there wtf

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    • Lol i just got her in one match

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  • 5 games I've played and remedy is never there

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  • I spawn at durr!

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  • I got all first try why is everyone complaining lol

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  • Thx this help me

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  • The beef boss is in the wrong place

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  • *HarryNinetyFour* we made this creative map for you 0898_0357_4654 ;)

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  • where is dummy what new game means?

  • Alternate Locations for them Remedy: Craggy Cliffs Dummy: Compact Cars (near dirty docks) Beef Boss: Logjam Durr Burger

    Ominous HunterOminous HunterUukausi sitten
    • 😀

      iKatOverLordiKatOverLordUukausi sitten
  • Beef boss isnt spawning for me help?

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    • I have two work places durr burger near weeping and My food truck!

      Beef BossBeef BossUukausi sitten
  • Bruh my bus line is so dang far away from stealthy stronghold

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  • Come on, Lets get him to 1 Million subs

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  • It helps a lot now that these can be completed in Team Rumble

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  • Wow RTX fortnite looks beautiful, anyway thanks for the help my guy

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    • Really

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  • Burger guy wasnt there

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  • Yooo Remedy is still alive!!! Let's goooo

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  • Lol harry your just giving up i see. How you gonna name it all locations. Then right in the writing in video, says if not there go into another game. Unfortunately you've been slacking more and more. And even letting many in game quests every season get missed. I guess since you've given up, time to finally move on

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  • Just changed my support a creator code to *HARRYNINETYFOUR* for when Predator comes to the item shop. ;)

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  • Been in 10 games and counting and dummy never spawns to either location

    Nicole CantrellNicole CantrellUukausi sitten
  • They are all in same spot?

    Big092ML BOABig092ML BOAUukausi sitten
  • You can also do this in Team Rumble now, as they added the characters into it.

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    • I would've done this If it wasn't for my annoying sister wanting to play with me

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